AddGel Little Artist Twin Tip Brush Pens


Rs. 120


11 brush pens, each with broad & fine tips

Tactile Experience & Design:


The brush pens are comfortable to hold on both sides. The body has been designed to make it look like a single tip pen.


The cap on the broad tip has a fin to prevent it from rolling over when placed on a tabletop. Each of the caps are designed to fit over the cap on the other end which is rather clever.


Thin and thick strokes with the broad tip
Thin and thick strokes with the fine tip

Technically, these pens are markers rather than brush pens as the tips aren’t made of bristles but are nylon nibs. When you apply pressure to make broad strokes, the stiffness of the nib wears out making it difficult to make fine strokes after prolonged use.


The ink on ordinary bond paper
On high quality paper


3.5 out of 5 stars

Definitely recommend it.

AddGel Little Artist Twin Tip Brush Pens.jpg

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