Camlin Brush Pen

Price: Rs. 195

Contents: 12 Camlin Brush Pens

Camlin Brush Pens

The Brush pens are not technically brush; they are tapered felt tip pens with flexible nibs. They come in a pack of 12, including one neon yellow color that could pass for a highlighter. Upon using the pens for basic calligraphy practicing, we noticed that the nibs softened from their original form and continued to become less stable through just a few pages of use.

Camlin Brush Pens

What this pen can be utilized for is faux calligraphy, large lettering for posters and simple zen-tangles with the aid of the pointed tip. However, there are better, cheaper alternatives in the market for the same utility.

Tactile Experience & Design:

The body of the pens are just plain cylindrical barrels, with no functionality. The pen caps do not even have fins to prevent them from rolling off the table.

The pens are too chunky to be comfortable. There is no tapering towards the nib which makes it difficult to hold. The ink flow mechanism is flawed making the nibs unstable and slanted/ over-extended in some cases.

Camlin Brush Pen
Brush pens in red and yellow with and without the cap on.


The nibs are too soft to switch between broad and thin strokes while lettering. The nibs become frayed after little use making it impossible to make clean, fine lines. The ink flow is consistent so you don’t have to apply too much pressure.

Camlin Brush Pens
Inconsistent manufacturing of then nibs, flaws with the height of the nib, its angle and the stiffness of the tip.


Camlin Brush Pens
Color swatches on regular printer paper.
Camlin Brush Pen Swatches
Color swatches on high quality art paper.

1 out of 5 stars

We wouldn’t recommend it. A better alternative would be the AddGel Little Artist Twin Tip Brush Pens.


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