Tinge Dual Tip Markers

Price: Rs. 60/- to Rs. 80/-

Contents: Single Tinge Marker

Bullet Tip (Not Fine) of the Tinge Dual Tip Alcohol Markers.

The markers are a dual tipped, alcohol markers. One side is a 7mm wide chisel and the other, although labeled as ‘fine’ is a bullet tip. The ink flow is smooth & even on the bullet tip and the colors are heavily opaque, in contrast to Copics which are generally translucent.

For the price of the markers, they make a fair option for students but not professional artists. Issues like inconsistencies the the manufacture of the chissel tip cause uneven flat lines, and the markers are expected to bleed on nearly every paper.

Tinge Markers
7mm Chisel Tip of the Tinge Dual Tip Alcohol Markers.

Tactile Experience & Design:

The square black body is bulky and a clearly inspired by the original Copic markers. Although they imitate the shape, the size is much larger and therefore the grip is uncomfortable for long use. The larger body however does indicate a larger reservoire of ink. These markers have been used for multiple small artworks and do not show any signs of the fading ink.

Tinge Markers
Tinge Dual Tip Alcohol Markers

Pressure & Color Fidelity:

The slightest touch gives you a good ink flow on the bullet end, and slightly more needs to be applied to the chisel tip since some parts of it isn’t manufactured evenly.

The colors varry from what is indicated on the body of the pen itself. For example, the yellow is closer to a bright yellow orange than the light yellow as depicted, and the color label is a far cry from the actual & depicted colors; however, the Deep Olive Green is spot on. We recomend each color is tested before purchase, just to ensure you get the ones you want.



Tinge Markers
Tinge Ink Bleed on 80 gsm Graph Paper.

To give these markers a chance, we tested them on Drawing Paper, Generic Printer Paper & Glossy Photo Paper. The most vibrant results were on the glossy paper and the other two papers absorbed too much color and bled to the other side and beyond.






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