Artist’s Space: Sanjana Baijnath

Sanjana Baijnath.jpg
Sanjana Baijnath

Sanjana Baijnath is a digital and traditional artist from New Zealand, best known for her vibrant painting process videos on you tube. Most of her art videos feature the use of Dr. Ph Martin’s Liquid Hydrus Watercolors, in combination with her fantastic color selection bring to life her vibrant artworks mostly of flowers and animals and the occasional hand lettering.

What we love about Sanjana’s Art is, as mentioned, the colors! Her illustrations are fantastic but the way she paints them bring plain illustrations to an almost fantastical life. Her videos and Twitch streams are mezmerizing and inspiring to watch. Here are a few of artworks.

Sanjana's Art Sky Spirit.jpg
Sky Spirit in Watercolor by: Sanjana Baijnath
Sanjana's Art Hibiscus.jpg
Hibiscus in Watercolor by: Sanjana Baijnath
Sanjana's Art Echiveria.jpg
Echiveria in Watercolor by: Sanjana Baijnath
Sanjana's Art Fish.jpg
Betta Splendens in Watercolor by: Sanjana Baijnath

She’s launched two adult coloring books: Color Zone 1 & 2, available here (in India).


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