Artist’s Space: Meg Wittwer

Tutor Tuesdays is a weekly drawing tutorial blog on the Thundercluck blog on Tumblr, illustrated weekly by artist Meg Witter, a traditional medium and digital artist.

Meg was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She enjoys drawing and communicating with others through art and collaboration. She also digs birds (especially chickens). Meg earned her BFA in illustration from SCAD in 2016, and she now works as an illustrator in Atlanta, GA.

Her tutorials are wholesome and very easy to understand; covering everything from fundamentals of drawing such as lighting, depth and color theory to illustrating characters by part, animals, environments and props, to the use of tools such as Photoshop and even including art blocks, overcoming fears and finding one’s own style.

Our favorite feature of her tutorials are the practice exercises the suggests, where one can test our their understanding following simple instructions such as step-by-step illustration and drawing challenges like ‘draw in an abstract shape’. For any beginner looking to learn to draw or add to their illustration style, Meg’s tutorials are one of the best reference materials out there, and her art-works are an inspiration to begin.

Meg’s Art:

Her art is a beautiful collection of anthropomorphic characters inspired from Russian fairy tales, illustration of vintage foods, sketches of pen and watercolor of landscapes, animals and human characters and environments.

Paul Tillery is the creator of a short animated; Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor film debuted in 2014, and along with Meg Witter, is co-illustrator on an upcoming book, Thundercluck! And the Kitchen of Destiny. Together they maintain the blog Thundercluck a collection of different types of tutorials and updates on the story that is Thundercluck.

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