Happy Belly Bakes

This city’s coffee shop scene has evolved into interesting spaces recently; hosting artists and creators within its beautifully hand-painted walls – and we may have found our new favorite. As artists, we need places to go where we can be inspired, and The Ink Inquisition has made it a mission to discover these spots and bring them to you – Happy Belly Bakes is the first on our list. 

Its a #MerryHappyBelly at Happy Belly Bakes (Primrose Road)

We’d been in early Sunday morning for breakfast at the Primrose Road cafe, ordered ourselves a plate of The Protein Breakfast, a Bagel with cream cheese, sourdough toast, a dark hot chocolate and a caramel hot coffee. As anticipated, the food was satisfying as breakfasts go but what we fell for were the desserts. 

“You are my butter half” – Specials menu behind the counter at Happy Belly Bakes (Primrose Road)

The absolute favorites were the Chocolate Tart, The Chocolate Mousse and the Cake Pops. Happy Belly Bakes’ use of quality ingredients could be relished in their product. Each dessert was rich and decadent without being sickly sweet.  

Unicorn Mural at Happy Belly Bakes (Primrose Road)

We made ourselves cosy on a table by the window, in full reception of Christmas feels the cafe emanated. The staff her was friendly & attentive and service was quick. All this and the ambiance made Happy Belly Bakes makes for the perfect haunt for writers, artists, readers and of course, foodies.

A cosy seating corner at Happy Belly Bakes (Primrose Road)

For more information and personalized cake orders, please visit their site https://www.happybellybakes.com/ & social media InstagramFacebook | Zomato

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