Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen- F nib (0.3 mm)


Rs. 350

Tactile Experience and Design:

The body of the pen is thick enough to hold comfortably, but is made entirely of plastic. The gripping portion can therefore be slippery at times. The design is clean, the body is clear making the ink reserve and mechanism visible.

An interesting feature is the cap that has a soft plastic sleeve to protect the nib. The sleeve is topped by a spring mechanism that ensures that the nib doesn’t squirt. It comes with a plastic disposable cartridge but you can purchase an ink converter. We would recommend the more cost effective technique of refilling your cartridge using a syringe.


The pen takes a little scribbling to get started the first time or after a long period of unuse. Once it gets started, the flow of ink makes for very smooth writing. Unlike most low-budget fountain pens, the Preppy doesn not fade or create ink pools when writing too fast or too slow.

Shade Fidelity:

The platinum ink black is the one of the deepest black fountain pen inks we have seen. An alternative ink you can also use with these pens would be Private Reserve that has a range of vibrant hues to choose from.


On ordinary paper
On high-quality paper


  • Smooth and consistent writing.
  • Almost perfect black ink.
  • Available in a variety of colours (blue, purple, yellow, green, pink, red). Also available in 3 nib sizes (0.5, 0.3, 0.2)


  • Not easily available all over India.
  • Expensive parts.
  • Plastic body would mean use & throw and would therefore require extra TLC to last longer.
  • Local alternatives are cheaper and justify their price more than the Preppy.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Would we recommend it? Yes.

Alternate choice: Flair Inky

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