Muji Gel Pens (Retractable)

Muji is a Japanese retail company which sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods, distinguished by its design minimalism, emphasis on recycling, avoidance of waste in production & packaging, and no-logo or no-brand policy. Muji stationery, like its brand is tastefully minimalist by design yet practical.

The retractable gel pens are purchased individually for Rs. 100 with the point size of 0.50.  The pen has a clear plastic body, frosted ergonomic grip and a spring type pen clip made into the ink color. It is worth mentioning that the spring type clip makes for an effective paperclip alternative.

The ink is vibrant, we tested among others, a yellow and a bright magenta which render well onto paper. A gripe, if any is that the pen becomes a little stubborn on even mildly textured paper, if the pressure used is light- making a better tool for writers, crafters and journaling enthusiast.

Overall Impression: These pens are great for artistic journaling!


  • Wide variety of very vibrant colors.
  • 0.50 point size works great for fine doodles.
  • Great for writing or regular printer paper or most notebooks & journals.
  • Comfortable grip for long writing.
  • Gel ink dries quickly on paper.


  • Muji is priced on the higher side (here in India compared to Japan but lower than Europe)
  • The pens need multiple over-writes on textured paper to complete lines.
  • Only available in select cities where the Muji Store is present.
  • The ink is consumed quickly.

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