Indian Web Comics!

These Indian web-comic artists have found their niche, commenting on political, social issues, fashion and lifestyle and the little things that make the ins and outs of being Indian.

Brown Paper-bag Comics – Sailesh Gopalan

This Mumbaikar brings us the adventures of Kabir and Ananya, and the adventures of being an Indian teenagers. Navigating through teenage friends, overprotective parents and the comical complexities of the Indian society.

Yeah It’s Chill – Christine Rai

Reminiscent of “Lizzie McGuire” – Yeahitschill features Krysteen, the creator’s alter-ego in presenting little snippets of relatable comics covering a range of topics including women’s health, anxiety and ‘fashun’.

Sanitary Panels – Rachita Taneja

Ever thought stick figures could fight for social justice? From Discrimination to homophobia and the star of the show, menstruation, Sanitary Panels speaks from a feminist voice to communicate complex ideas to a large group of people.

Crocodile in Water Tiger on Land – Anonymous


Best described in their own words: “Crocodile in water tiger on land is a non-profit equal opportunity collection of below-the-belt cheap shots in comic form.” This Tumblr is visual commentary on the ‘absurdity of modern life’ that is the Indian and social political system.

Stray Curls – Angela Mary Vaz

The life, love and maintenance of curly hair, with cherries on top. Angela makes lil comics with lots of heart, dedicated to life expectations vs. reality, the love of curly hair and fury pets.

Sandserif Comics – Sandy

He makes comics, “Sometimes they’re funny. Sometimes they’re sad. But mostly, they are honest, heartfelt and also, rad.” Sandy has garnered positive reception for relatable and authentic darkly humorous illustrations, using his platform to address negative emotions and stress.

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