Blackwing Palomino


130 Pesos/ around 170 Rupees

Tactile Experience:

The pencil has a hexagonal body that makes for an easy grip. The body is a matte black that is lovely to hold. It is topped with a ferrule that branches out into a flat, white eraser.

The Blackwing’s eraser can be removed/replaced

The eraser can be removed and replaced. The pencil is beautifully designed, with a velvet finish to the classic Blackwing and golden ferrule for the eraser.


The Blackwing has a soft lead that makes sketching easy and enjoyable

The Palomino line of pencils boast the best qualtiy in lead with the least amount of pressure required, and the classic Blackwing lives up to it. With almost zero pressure, the pencil makes medium weight lines on to the paper. The lead is incredibly soft, enough to transfer onto skin which doesn’t happen with medium-quality graphite pencils.



  • Despite not being advertised as a drawing pencil, these are pretty great for sketching.
  • Requires least amount of pressure.
  • Despite being a soft lead, it remains sharp enough to use over an extended period of time.
  • The eraser is replaceable and cleverly designed for maximum use.


  • It’s stupidly expensive.
  • Not available locally.
  • It’s not that comfortable to use over a long period of time unless you add a grip. 

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. We would’ve given it a perfect score if it weren’t for it’s price.

Would we recommend it? Yes.

Alternate choice: Any high-quality drawing pencil could give you similar results.

Do you have any art materials that you would like us to review? Share them with us in the comments.

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