Uniball Eye Roller-ball Pen

Uniball is a brand of writing tools manufactured by the Mitsubishi Pencil Company (unrelated to the Mitsubishi Group) – a Japanese stationery company that distributes its products around the world through different brands such as Faber Castelle in Germany and Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd in India.

Uniball Eye Fine – Set of 10

Among all their writing instruments, their roller-ball pens are infamous for smooth, crisp writing and the vibrancy of their colors – specially their black and blue. This review covers the three varieties of Uniball Eye – Fine, Micro and Needle, each pen for Rs. 60.00.

A roller-ball pen is a water or gel based ink pen that dries slower than the oil-based ink of the ballpoint pen. Depending on your writing style, a roller-ball pen could work for you if;

  • You prefer for ink to release at the lightest pressure.
  • You write quickly, since these pens are smoother than most.
  • You prefer your pen to not need any scribbling to activate
  • You use your pen for signatures.
Uniball Eye UB185 Needle – Available in Black, Blue, Red & Green
Uniball Eye UB150 Micro – Available in Black, Blue, Red & Green
Uniball Eye UB157 Fine – Available in Black, Blue, Lt Blue, Violet, Pink, Wine Red, Red, Orange, Lt Green & Green.

All three varieties have a plastic bodies with a metal pen-clip and are single use pens. The ink barrel has some type of clear space on the print to be able to monitor ink levels. The top half, covered by the cap is clear so the ink dispersal mechanism is visible.

All inks are waterproof & fade proof and the nibs are made of tungsten carbide ball tips – for smoother writing. The blacks are deep and the other colors are vibrant. Like with many regular-use pens, they write better and smoother on regular paper than on textured drawing paper.

Needle (black) Micro (Blue) & Fine tested on regular printer paper.
Needle (black) Micro (Blue) & Fine tested on high-quality art paper.


  • Multiple point sizes to suite different writing preferences
  • Great for journaling, taking multi-colored notes, and regular use.
  • Fade proof & Waterproof ink, at par with archival inks.
  • Lasts well for the price.
  • Easily available locally.


  • The price is high for a regular use pen.
  • The ink spreads on textured papers.
  • Dropping the pen can damage the mechanism and prevent it from writing smoothly.
  • Paint on the body rubs off easily, making the pen look worn quickly.

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