Comics that Get Real

Art isn’t only beautiful, its meaningful. For many creators art is their way to process difficult feelings, and we are grateful they have decided to share some of their adventures of life. Here are a few artist who make hard days a little bit less lonely.


Tori, the creator of the revelatori Instagram account says she ‘draws about what it’s like to be a human being’. Her comics reflect thoughts on everyday anxieties, coping with mental health and learning the importance of serving yourself.


Marie Andrews takes you, the reader on a journey through complex emotions, pain, sickness and heartbreak – in simple words, colors and doodles.


Parenting. No matter how magical people claim it to be, it isn’t easy being in-charge of lives beyond your own, let alone little ones. Brian Gordon of fowllanguagecomics illustrate a father and his very real feelings about caring for his little ones, and any parent could relate.


An artist, anxious person and the creator of positive reinforcement you didn’t know your soul needed.


Anxiety in words, words that help a lot. Nuff said.


Lunarbaboon is a character that is described by its creator as ‘half man, half moon monkey, trying to make sense of it all’. The comics are a ‘slice-of-life’ style story telling of processing depression, self-destructive behavior but with the support of a loving family with one kind message – it’s okay to feel negative things, but it is better to let others help you process them.

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