The Great Eraser Comparison

There are so many types of erasers, and we’ve covered that a little in this post. Among these, the most commonly used variety are the vinyl/plastic erasers and there are very many options in the market. We have decided to review the best brands locally available in India, to help you pick a budget, artist-friendly eraser.

We compare the eraser’s effect on ballpoint ink, gel pen ink, waterproof pigment, color pencil, charcoal pencil and 2B pencil.

Some notes before we begin;

  • Dust free erasers are generally a blend of rubber & vinyl or plastic & rubber, created in a way that allow the eraser ‘dust’ to stick together and form a large clump for easy gathering & disposal.
  • Plastic erasers are generally of a higher grade than vinyl, since the latter is harsher and therefore more abrasive on paper.
  • Certain, very low budget erasers contain PVC that contain harmful plastic compounds which are unhealthy when absorbed through skin or breathing.

Artline – Dust Free Eraser – Rs. 3.00 for a 53x10x9mm block

The eraser itself is very soft and hardly dust-free since it crumbles faster than it clumps while erasing large areas. The eraser itself performs best on 2B Graphite and worst on any of the inks. However, on the list, it is the softest, hardly compromising the paper while erasing.

Rating: 3/5

Recommendation: Yes

Faber-Castell – Dust Free Eraser – Rs. 3.00 for a 34x18x11mm block

The Faber-Castell eraser is the softest on the list, but is only moderately dust-free. The brand boasts a line of PVC-free erasers, which hardly any other brand does. Since it is the softest eraser, this was most gentle on the paper. It performed average on the color pencil, graphite and charcoal and was ineffective on the inks.

Rating: 2/5

Recommendation: No

Natraj Plasto 711 – Rs. 2.00 for a 34x18x11mm block

Natraj erasers are undoubtedly the cheapest, hardest, the most abrasive and dustiest on the list. It was one of the two erasers that could fade the ballpoint and gel inks. Though it was effective, it isn’t a good artist’s eraser replacement since it’s highly abrasive on textured paper. This eraser performed fairly on color pencils, graphite and charcoal but was ineffective on the permanent pigment.

Rating: 3/5

Recommendation: No

Staedtler – Rasoplast 526 820 – Rs. 30.00 for a 55x20x11mm block

We choose to add one premium quality eraser in the mix, six times the price of the others to test if it was any better in comparison to the other budget brands. The Staedtler Rastoplast was heavier and tougher than most of the erasers on the list and it was the best for color pencils. It performed fairly on graphite and charcoal and it was ineffective on the inks. Its low dust producing and lists well as an all-round premium eraser, however; if one has the budget for a premium eraser, it is advisable to spend it on multiple types of art erasers, in smaller quantities for the best results.

Rating: 3/5

Recommendation: Yes

Apsara Non-Dust Eraser – Rs. 5.00 for a 60x21x11mm block

This eraser is a favorite among students even today. Its composition makes it gentle but not very soft, lasting longer than the softer variety. It is the least dust-making eraser and works moderately on all materials. It works as an all-round eraser if you’re in a pinch, though it can be slightly abrasive on textured paper.

Rating: 3/5

Recommendation: Yes

Apsara Matt Magic Eraser – Rs. 5.00 for a 60x21x11mm block

Though a spin on the classic Apsara Non-Dust eraser, it isn’t as effective as the original. The Apsara Matt Magic performs rather poorly on all materials, is more dust-making than the original and it sometimes makes black smudges on paper. It is also abrasive on textured paper if used roughly.

Rating: 1/5

Recommendation: No

Camlin Kokuyo Supreme XL – Rs 5.00 for a 58x22x12mm block

Since the Camlin has announced its partnership with Kokuyo (a prominent Japanese stationary brand), expectations have been high with the brand. We have noticed some improvements among other products but the eraser is nothing but average. It performs moderately on the color pencil, graphite and charcoal but is ineffective on all inks. The eraser itself is soft, and only moderately dust making.

Rating: 1/5

Recommendation: No

Which one do you use? If there is any thing not on our list you’d like to see, tell us! Leave us a message in the comments!

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