Financial Planning in your Bullet Journal

Depending on your lifestyle and responsibilities, your requirement for financial planning changes, but nevertheless it’s extremely important. 

Our entire lifestyle depends on how much we make but not many people care to keep tabs on how much they make, spend or save and usually end up in a bad pinch in an emergency. We’re no financial advisors but keeping your money information in order can help you plan better and spend wiser. 

Here is of list of things to track and journal layouts to help you track your financial status and priorities more efficiently. It’s recommended that this information is stored in a secure place, especially if you plan to add account numbers, net banking passwords and insurance information.  

Income Tracking & Budgeting

Monthly snapshot of budget, including expenses, active balances and savings goals! (Source)
Simple budget tracker, managing expenses, bills and income. (Source)

Tracking Expenses

An expense tracker that lists small expenses, divides them into categories and a bar graph to monitor your heaviest expenses. (Source)
Simple spending log (Source)

Bill & Subscription Tracking 

Bill & Subscription tracker (Source)
Year expenses snapshot (Source)

Tracking Debts, Loans & Payments

Simple loan tracker. (Source)
Bill tracker and loan payment tracker (Source)

Savings Plan

A savings tracker monopoly style! (Source)
Simple goal oriented savings log. (Source)

No Spending Challenge

No wasteful spending! (Source)
No spending challenge! (Source)

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