Types of Journals

Planners and Bullet Journals have somehow become the primary focus these days, but sometimes we forget, there are a hundred other ways to fill a notebook! Planners may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and novelty spreads in yearly journals don’t do justice to consolidating ideas.
Here’s a compilation of some interesting journals to start. All you need is a blank notebook and a pen!

Art Journals

Art journals, junk journals or visual journals are a creative way of record keeping. You can use just about any materials you care to explore and there doesn’t need to be rules, although you can always use prompt list if you’re feeling a little stuck. We made a post you can check out on how to keep your own journal here.

Art Journal Ideas
Abstract Journal (Source)
Pressed flowers in an art journal (Source)

Dream Journal

Collecting dreams can be an interesting form of therapy. There are a different methods of maintaining a dream journal. Some write them down as soon as they wake up, no matter what time it is, others write it as a story and then make an analysis with or without professional help.

A Dream Log in your Bullet Journal can help you learn more about yourself
Dream Log & Interpretation (Source)
A Line a day dream log by @thebotanicalbullet featured on WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Dreams & Daily Thoughts (Source)

Tasting Journal

Whether you’re a fan of chocolate, a coffee addict, a cheese buff of a wine connoisseur a tasting journal is a great way of keeping track of things you like, things you’d want to try, and where to find the best of the best.

Wine Journal (Source)
33 Cheeses: a pocket cheese-tasting journal
Cheese Journal (Source)

Spiritual Journals

Prayer journals, meditation journals and magick journals (aka Grimoire or Book of Shadows) can be small, sacred spaces that can help you track your growth, communication and understanding. They can be daily entries, single line affirmations or a record of rituals performed.

Grimoire Page (Source)
Prayer Journal Template (Source)

Travel Journals

Travel journals may be one of the most fun way of retaining your memories from a trip! You can make illustrations, stick pictures and and write about the trip. Remember to collect tickets, boarding passes, paper coasters and even candy wrappers! anything to remind you of your journey.

Travel Journal
Illustrated Travel Journal (Source)
Collage Style Travel Journal (Source)

Cinema/Concert/Theater Journals

Movie stubs and concert tickets and paper wrist bands deserve a special place, only because they will always bring back fond memories. Why not put them together in a journal? Throw in a few photographs or (pro tip) attach a pen drive on a notebook charm and collect all your video memories with those tickets and pictures.

Concert Journal Entry (Source)
Cinema Journal Entry (Source)

Journal of Lists

Making list can be a fun activity and bullet journal enthusiasts would attest to that! Lists don’t always have to be about what needs to be done. They can record your favorite things or goals, such as places to visit and things to learn.

List of Teas (Source)
Bucket Journal (Source)

We hope that these journals inspire you to start something interesting, and do share them with us!

Let us know how you like the post!

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