Art Workbooks That’ll Stimulate Your Creativity

Over the last few years, Wreck This Journal has become a very popular book among creative people. Keri Smith managed to create a wonderful journal that moved away from the traditional idea of what art journals and sketchbooks should be. If you loved Wreck This Journal, and are looking for similar books to work through, we have some suggestions for you.

Below is a list of some of the most highly rated art workbooks available:

1.The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith

This another book by Keri Smith, and contains step-by-step exercises, cut-out projects, sticker ideas and handy tips. Many of the exercises in The Guerilla Art Kit encourages you to leave art and ideas in public places to inspire other people. This 144 page book shows how small artistic acts can start a revolution.

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2. 1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion by Adam J. Kurtz

This book consists of 365 prompts that encourage you to draw, write, list, reflect, and share. The book is small, making it easier to carry it with you everywhere you go.

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3. Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes by Keri Smith

Perfectionism is often a deterrent in the creative process. This book, another by Keri Smith, encourages you to leave the idea of “perfect” behind and let your creativity run loose. In fact, one of the rules of the book is to “not think too much”. Mess is the perfect book to teach yourself to experiment and explore the full extent of your ideas.

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4. 365: A Daily Creativity Journal: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life! by Noah Scalin

Much like 1 Page At A Time, this book encourages you to create something every day. What makes 365: A Daily Creativity Journal different though is that it asks you to choose a particular medium or theme and create something with it for every day of the year. This book does offer prompts for when you’re stuck in a rut, and also includes space for brainstorming, sketching and journaling. By making you stick to one theme or medium, 365 helps you stretch the perceived limits of your creativity and artistic abilities.

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5. The Art Journal Workshop: Break Through, Explore, and Make it Your Own by Traci Bunkers

Have you always wanted to start an art journal but didn’t know where to start? The Art Journal Workshop breaks down the process of journaling using step-by-step photos and instructions. It teaches you how to journal with different media like paint, photos and collages. This book also provides you with a DVD of video tutorials.

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6. The Journal Junkies Workshop: Visual Ammunition for the Art Addict by Eric M. Scott and David Modler

This book has been described as “part sketchbook, part diary, part notebook, part dream journal, part daily planner, part to-do list and part doodle pad”. It holds information on materials, techniques and supplies. It provides the reader with ideas, and includes inspirational spreads from the authors’ own journals.

Images courtesy of Amazon.

7. Don’t Eat This Book by David Sinden and Nikalas Catlow

This is very similar to Wreck This Journal, in that it asks you to “splat it, soak it, rip it, wear it, tear it, bling it, camouflage it, glue it, break it, stick it, bury it, whack it”– basically do anything short of eating it. Don’t Eat This Book is suitable for people of all ages.

Images courtesy of Amazon.

8. 642 Tiny Things to Draw

The concept for this book is very simple– it contains 642 prompts for doodling. The prompts range from the simple (“an atom”) to the thought-provoking (“your house, from space”).

Images courtesy of Amazon.

9. Art Doodle Love: A Journal of Self-Discovery by Dawn DeVries Sokol

Unlike the other books on this list, the aim of Art Doodle Love is not just creativity but exploring oneself through creativity. Inspired in part by Eat Pray Love, this book is aimed towards women. It encourages you to “record thoughts and collect ideas, as well as vent, soul-search, and document everyday life”.

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10. Art Journal Freedom: How to Journal Creatively With Color & Composition by Dina Wakley

Art Journal Freedom focuses on techniques and composition. While art journals do not follow any traditional rules, the author makes the argument that “knowing the rules of color and composition gives you the freedom to use and break them willfully to create the effects you want”. The book includes demonstrations, tips and challenges.

Images courtesy of Amazon.

Have you used any of the books in this list? Let us know what you thought of them in the comments!

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