Artist’s Space: Sanjana Baijnath

Sanjana Baijnath.jpg
Sanjana Baijnath

Sanjana Baijnath is a digital and traditional artist from New Zealand, best known for her vibrant painting process videos on you tube. Most of her art videos feature the use of Dr. Ph Martin’s Liquid Hydrus Watercolors, in combination with her fantastic color selection bring to life her vibrant artworks mostly of flowers and animals and the occasional hand lettering.

What we love about Sanjana’s Art is, as mentioned, the colors! Her illustrations are fantastic but the way she paints them bring plain illustrations to an almost fantastical life. Her videos and Twitch streams are mezmerizing and inspiring to watch. Here are a few of artworks.

Sanjana's Art Sky Spirit.jpg
Sky Spirit in Watercolor by: Sanjana Baijnath
Sanjana's Art Hibiscus.jpg
Hibiscus in Watercolor by: Sanjana Baijnath
Sanjana's Art Echiveria.jpg
Echiveria in Watercolor by: Sanjana Baijnath
Sanjana's Art Fish.jpg
Betta Splendens in Watercolor by: Sanjana Baijnath

She’s launched two adult coloring books: Color Zone 1 & 2, available here (in India).


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Tinge Dual Tip Markers

Price: Rs. 60/- to Rs. 80/-

Contents: Single Tinge Marker

Bullet Tip (Not Fine) of the Tinge Dual Tip Alcohol Markers.

The markers are a dual tipped, alcohol markers. One side is a 7mm wide chisel and the other, although labeled as ‘fine’ is a bullet tip. The ink flow is smooth & even on the bullet tip and the colors are heavily opaque, in contrast to Copics which are generally translucent.

For the price of the markers, they make a fair option for students but not professional artists. Issues like inconsistencies the the manufacture of the chissel tip cause uneven flat lines, and the markers are expected to bleed on nearly every paper.

Tinge Markers
7mm Chisel Tip of the Tinge Dual Tip Alcohol Markers.

Tactile Experience & Design:

The square black body is bulky and a clearly inspired by the original Copic markers. Although they imitate the shape, the size is much larger and therefore the grip is uncomfortable for long use. The larger body however does indicate a larger reservoire of ink. These markers have been used for multiple small artworks and do not show any signs of the fading ink.

Tinge Markers
Tinge Dual Tip Alcohol Markers

Pressure & Color Fidelity:

The slightest touch gives you a good ink flow on the bullet end, and slightly more needs to be applied to the chisel tip since some parts of it isn’t manufactured evenly.

The colors varry from what is indicated on the body of the pen itself. For example, the yellow is closer to a bright yellow orange than the light yellow as depicted, and the color label is a far cry from the actual & depicted colors; however, the Deep Olive Green is spot on. We recomend each color is tested before purchase, just to ensure you get the ones you want.



Tinge Markers
Tinge Ink Bleed on 80 gsm Graph Paper.

To give these markers a chance, we tested them on Drawing Paper, Generic Printer Paper & Glossy Photo Paper. The most vibrant results were on the glossy paper and the other two papers absorbed too much color and bled to the other side and beyond.






How To Store Your Art Materials Safely

If any of you are like us stationery addicts here at The Ink Inquisition, you have loads of art materials stored away somewhere. You probably don’t get to use them a lot, but they’re really precious to you. There’s nothing worse than digging them out when you need them, only to find they’ve been damaged or are no longer usable.

To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to store your materials away so that they remain in pristine condition.


  1. Store your gel pens vertically, with the capped end facing down. This ensures that the ink stay towards the nib, and hopefully you won’t have to shake your pen or scribble on a paper before getting it to work smoothly again.
  2. The same goes for ball point pens.
  3. This goes without saying but we’ll say it all the same: remember to keep your pens tightly capped.
  4. People’s opinions regarding storing inked pens varies, but we’d recommend storing them upright i.e. with the nib pointing upwards. Storing it in the opposite direction or even horizontally could cause the ink to flow from the reservoir to the nib. If the ink dries, the nib can get clogged. Needless to say, if you’re using your inked pen very frequently, you might not have to take the precaution to always keep it upright.
  5. Make sure your pen isn’t near a heat source or stored in cold temperatures.

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Camlin Brush Pen

Price: Rs. 195

Contents: 12 Camlin Brush Pens

Camlin Brush Pens

The Brush pens are not technically brush; they are tapered felt tip pens with flexible nibs. They come in a pack of 12, including one neon yellow color that could pass for a highlighter. Upon using the pens for basic calligraphy practicing, we noticed that the nibs softened from their original form and continued to become less stable through just a few pages of use.

Camlin Brush Pens

What this pen can be utilized for is faux calligraphy, large lettering for posters and simple zen-tangles with the aid of the pointed tip. However, there are better, cheaper alternatives in the market for the same utility.

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Renaissance Women

The Renaissance art period rose with its distinct style of painting, sculpture and decorative arts in Italy, 1400 marking Europe’s transition into the Early Modern Age. During this rebirth; philosophy, literature, sciences, architecture, theology and politics saw revival and innovation; in heavy contrast to the bygone medieval and dark age. Characteristic developments could be observed in the approach to literature and the fine arts. Unlike the bygone era, art was created with more vibrant themes and colors, philosophy looked beyond the church, an interest in both history and progress the brought studies of archeology, early medicine and mathematics. Individual education became an important achievement, allowing the rise in printing presses, writers, and printmakers.

Befitting the theme of the age, women began to aspire to and set precedents in being allowed to walk and work among men, albeit these women were usually wealthy. Notably, Isabella d’Este was said to be the strongest, most intelligent woman of the Renaissance period. She mastered Geek and Latin, demonstrating her skills in dancing, acting and playing instruments in public performances. After marrying into the Mantuan royalty, she used her position and exerted great influence over the Mantua court. After her husband was captured in battle, she ruled Mantua herself, influencing the economic development of the region. Becoming a patron of the arts, she collected many paintings, sculptures, manuscripts and instruments, encouraging local artists even in the field of textiles. Isabella’s life exemplified that a woman, in any era needed no man’s approval to live the life she desired. She broke down the barriers to power and influence by virtue of her own independent spirit strength and talent. Continue reading Renaissance Women


Pointillism, a branch of Impressionism, is a painting technique in which the artist uses dots to create a pattern or image. Most of us would know pointillism’s modern form– pixel art.

Pixel art by 98 year-old Hal Lasko. Buy his paintings here.

I stumbled upon pointillism when I read about the play Sunday in the Park with George, a musical that draws inspiration from Georges Seurat’s painting ‘ A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’. George Seurat, a French post-impressionist, devised the technique of pointillism. Continue reading Pointillism

How To Care For Your Paint Brushes

As any artist knows, the quality of your art materials can add or take away from the quality of your work. Once you’ve chosen the art materials that meet your needs, it is also important to keep them in good shape. This not only helps with your art but also saves you a lot of money in the long-run.

Paint brushes do not require a lot of effort to maintain them. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to clean them immediately after use, and store them in such a manner that the bristles do not lose their shape.

Cleaning them immediately prevents the paint from drying on the bristles. This is especially the case with acrylic paints. While oil paints do not dry as quickly, it is best to follow this step regardless of the kind of paint you have been using. Continue reading How To Care For Your Paint Brushes